How To Write A Thank You For An Interview

The goal of a thank-you note is to express your gratitude to the interviewer and to show that you are still interested in the job. The note should be enthusiastic and sincere while remaining professional. You should send the note within one to two days after the interview. While sending the note by email can be appropriate, typed hard copy is generally considered the most professional method.

Why You Are Writing

The initial paragraph should tell the hiring manager why you are writing and remind her of who you are. Start by thanking her for meeting with you on the specified date. Then say that it was a pleasure to learn more about the company and the position by including the company name and the job title. Explain that you are excited about working for the company and that you are confident that your qualifications make you the right candidate. Mention two or three of your key skills that are relevant to the position.

Topics Discussed

In the second paragraph, touch upon one or two important topics discussed during the interview. You might mention a useful piece of information the interviewer gave you. For example, “I enjoyed hearing about ABC company’s intention to participate in the upcoming annual state program designed to help struggling veterans and homeless individuals. This effort, and my interest in the position, makes me very interested in joining your team.”

Relevant Information

You can create a brief third paragraph to inform the reader of pertinent information, such as enclosed requested transcripts and references or crucial data you neglected to mention during the interview. For example, if you applied for an administrative assistant position, you might say, “I felt you would be interested to know that my application to XYZ college, where I plan to pursue an associate degree in secretarial science, was recently approved.”

Restating Your Interest

In the third paragraph, thank the interviewer for taking time out of her busy schedule to set up the interview. Say that you hope you provided enough information on what you have to offer. You might also state that you are willing to meet again for a second or third interview, if necessary. Include your phone number and email address for the interviewer to contact you if she needs more information. Use a professional closing, such as “Best Regards” or “Sincerely.”


For a group interview, send each interviewer a personalized thank-you note. To avoid sending a form letter, change the wording of your sentences and mention something specific that the respective interviewer said to you. If you had a second or third interview, send a thank-you note after each interview. Proofread the letter before sending it.

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