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Vacancies in a Film Production Company in Ikeja, Lagos

Something Unusual Studios is a film production company based in Magodo, Ikeja, Lagos. Part of our service includes providing of technical support to film productions.


Job Title:   Key Grip
Job Description
Grips work primarily on the complex equipment which supports the cameras and on lighting. We don’t mind your level of experience as we will be taking you through series of training and experience can be gained through working with us. Being a key grip is a tough job that requires a lot of technical knowledge, creativity and a sharp eye. We are looking for dedication, passion, toughness, a can-do spirit with a real desire for making films.

The following are the requirements:

  • Must a graduate(HND/B.Sc)
  • Must be based in Lagos, Nigeria
  • Being a Key Grip Involves Creativity. Being a grip involves an amazing combination of creativity and technical skill, but creativity is very important. You might need to do something out of the ordinary or come up with interesting solutions on the spot
  • High level of technical skill & knowledge. Know your gear and always be trying to improve your knowledge and skill
  • Strong problem solving skills
  • Strong communication skills. You must communicate clearly and give solid instructions to your team. Communicate effectively
  • Fast decision-making
  • Patience and tact is a must
  • Knowledge of carpentry, electricity, and cameras are very helpful to grips
  • Physically, they must be in good shape
  • Grips are required to be very flexible regarding work hours.



Job Title:  Production Designers/ Art Director
Job Description
Production Designers create the ‘look’ of a film project and visually interpret the script, production designers are responsible for the entire art department. They play a crucial role in helping directors to achieve the film’s visual requirements, and in providing producers with carefully calculated schedules which offer viable ways of making films within agreed budgets and specified periods of time. This role is one of the most highly skilled, creatively fulfilling roles within the film industry.

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The following are the requirements:

  • Must a graduate (HND/B.Sc.) ( Graduates of theater/creative art have a better advantage)
  • Must be based in Lagos, Nigeria
  • have imagination, artistic flair and talent to produce the best design solutions for a project
  • be able to work to a schedule and budget, and prioritise their own work and that of others
  • have good people management and leadership skills
  • have good communication and presentation skills
  • be able to take direction, give direction and work as part of a team
  • be able to interview and assess work of potential art department member
  • be able to work long hours and, if required, work calmly under pressure
  • have excellent visual awareness and design skills
  • inspire and motivate a team
  • prioritise and meet deadlines
  • use tact and diplomacy


How to Apply
Please send your CV to filmcrew7@gmail.com using “PRODUCTION DESIGNER or “KEY GRIP” ” as the subject/email title.

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