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Jobemy Nigeria - October 16, 2018


News: Federal Government’s Truck Transit Parks to Generate 6,000 Jobs – NSC

The Nigerian Shippers Council (NSC) has said the Truck Transit Parks (TTP) it is building across the country will create an average of 6,000 direct and indirect jobs in the country.

Speaking with LEADERSHIP at the weekend, the Executive Secretary of the Council, Barr. Hassan Bello said the council is seriously targeting employment opportunities for the citizenry.

He also shed light on the agenda of a breakfast meeting with captain of industry tagged, ‘Financing Transport Infrastructure: Inland Dry Ports & Truck Transit Parks’.

He said, “The economic implication of the TTP is that it will create employment for our people and sanitise us to be a modern country.

“You just come in and there is a Truck Transit Park. You go there and park your truck and then you never see anything like that on the street again. That shows we have modernized our infrastructure. Then there is revenue for the investors and the state governments. As I told you about employment content, about 3,000 direct employments and some 3,000 more indirect jobs will be created.

“Don’t forget that all the restaurants will have people who are going to work there; all the hotels and hostels are going to have people working for them and many other facilities. So, that is the economic implication”.

Bello also stated that creation of TTP would lead to tracking of cargoes to monitor all the goods taken from the ports.

He said, “We’ll be able to track where these goods are. So, there will be fast delivery of goods and there will be no delay.

You know what these drivers do is that they have comfort zones in all those areas. They spend five days enjoying themselves.

“As a matter of fact, someone told me that the drivers were the cause of spread of HIV and AIDS because of their promiscuity and then there is accident due to fatigue.

“Now, you have to have a rest after eight hours of driving; that’s compulsory and we do that electronically because we will know if you have been driving for eight hours”.

The shippers’ Council boss reiterated that the creation of the TTP would help decongest the highway. “The idea is to take trucks out of the highway. I’m sure you see how they are parked indiscriminately”, he added.

Source: Leadership

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