News: Bosch Plans Expansion, to Recruit Nigerian Workers

Bosch Professional Power Tools Nigeria has announced its plans to recruit thousands of Nigerians in 2018 as it plans its expansion into the country through its smart screwdriver, Bosch Go.

The company is a manufacturer and marketer of power tools for construction, woodworking and the metalworking industry.

The Product Manager, Africa, Bosch, Karim El Finti, said, “Our tools are already being used in factories across Nigeria, but we need to gain grounds on the domestic fronts by recruiting as many Nigerians, thousands if possible, to help push our products by way of marketing, sales and customer services.

“We have Nigerians working for the company in West Africa, but we must realise that the market here is a very big one and yet untapped.

“Also, the number of Nigerians who are becoming technically savvy is fast increasing and these are people who are teachable and can operate any tool, especially the smart screwdriver, where the strong spindle lock closes the gap between manual and automatic operation, thereby helping users to stop impending work on demand.”

According to Finti, Bosch GO is a smart screwdriver where a simple push gets the work done.

He added the smart screwdriver had an intelligent E-clutch system that knows when to stop on reaching the target torque.

Source: Punch

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