NBC Charges Students and Graduates to Acquire Employability Skills

Nigerian Bottling Company Limited (NBC), has, through its  “Bridging the Gap” themed fair organised by the Pan-Atlantic University encouraged graduates to develop skills that will increase their employability in the job market. 

In contributing its part to nurturing the future of the country, the bottlers of Coca-Cola HBC products in Nigeria provided a platform where the best talents can be engaged and absorbed into the job market.

Keynote speaker at the fair, Olumide Sholanke, the Director of Human Resources at NBC, emphasised on the need for students and graduates to intentionally seek to develop skills which could make them more employable in today’s competitive marketplace.

Embracing teamwork, collaboration, volunteering opportunities and Internships, Sholanke mentioned,  would provide valuable experience that companies seek when hiring.

“Volunteering is a very vital part of your journey, as it portrays you as an individual who has mastered his/her time and can appropriate it wisely. This is very key for a company like ours where volunteering is an integral part of our DNA. Also, the future is one in which teamwork and collaboration are at the heart of business, working on projects with people you may never meet, this is a social skill that must be naturally learned “, he said.

“Internships are a continuous learning experience- an extension of the classroom where you are empowered with a clear responsibility, but also with a support network and all the learning strategies. Applying for and securing internships equip you with necessary work experience and puts you in good stead for available, full-time jobs in the organisation”

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