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SOKO LENDING COMPANY LTD, is a Chinese Internet Marketing/Lending company based in Lekki Phase 1, Lagos State. We aid private individuals and SMEs with loans for their business and also large companies with Internet PR and market research. We are currently seeking for experienced, accomplished and self-motivated professionals to fill the positions below:



Job Title: Product Supervisor


  • Fully assist special product manager for domestic product lines to carry out investigation, research, design, development and promotion on related products for overseas subsidiaries.

Job Requirements

  • Majoring in finance, marketing and others related, with bachelor degree or above, minimum 2 year’s work experience;
  • With market foresight and sensitivity, enable to grasp market opportunities with innovative capabilities; 
  • Be hardworking with strong sense of goals and clear career planning;
  • Be proactive with teamwork spirit
  • Excellent oral English is preferred.



Job Title: Operations Manager


  • Develop operation objectives for the project as the leader required, coordinate relevant departments such as the marketing and product to ensure the targets that they are successfully launched and finally operational goals are accomplished. 
  • Assist in the planning, execution, effectiveness evaluation and tracking of online and offline activities;
  • Be independently responsible for expansion and maintenance of channels;
  • Be responsible for monitoring, collecting, consolidating and analyzing market information in various channels; 
  • Expand and maintain channels, complete business negotiations and check business contracts.


  • Majoring in finance, marketing and others related, with bachelor degree or above, minimum 2 year’s work experience;
  •  With market foresight and sensitivity, enable to grasp market opportunities with innovative capabilities;
  •  Be hardworking with strong sense of goals and clear career planning;
  •  Be proactive with teamwork spirit
  •  Excellent oral English is preferred.



Job Title: JAVA Development Engineer


  • Be responsible for the maintenance and development projects on internet financial products 
  • Independently complete full process of software in terms of module design, code writing and unit testing for the project.
  • Communicate as business required, design functional modules in details, implement business functions, do unit testing and maintain the system.


  • With computer related majors, it should be minimum 3 years’ experience in JAVA software development, however, academic qualifications will be neglected on those who have strong self-study and practical abilities.
  • Be proficient in JAVA BS structure development, familiar with J2EE architecture, with good software engineering ideologies and programming habits.
  • Be proficient in XHTMLCSS, JavaScript, Ajax Extjs and other related front-end technology.
  • Be Familiar with development frameworks such as Struts, Spring, SpringMVC and MyBatis;
  • Be familiar with the use and design of Mysql, oracle or other relational database.
  • Possess more than one complete project development solution.



Job Title: Android Development Engineer


  • On the basis of business needs, independently complete development of the android client program;
  • Participate in the research, design and implementation of software framework for the mobile platform, key technology verification and model selection, and be independently responsible for the design on the client’s integral or core modules;
  • Constantly optimize and improve products, as well as, App performance, safety, container and engineering;
  • Participate in the formulation of mobile specifications and the writing of technical documents.


  • With full-time undergraduate bachelor’s degree or above, computer and related majors, it should be minimum 2 years for development experience in Android application ;
  •  Be proficient in the Android Framework layer and various features, familiar with various UI components and understand their internal principles, experience in positioning problems through reading source code, familiar with mainstream open source components and frameworks;
  •  Be familiar with technical principles such as Hybird development (H5/React Native);
  •  Be familiar with network programming, network data transmission and JSON data transmission under Android system.
  •  With good development foundation and good understanding of the design pattern, be able to use well in actual products;
  •  With strong communication skills, strong self-motivation & fast learning ability, strong sense of responsibility and good teamwork spirit;
  •  With constant enthusiasm on wireless technology, optimistic and cheerful personality, strong logical ideologies and good teamwork with different skill backgrounds;


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Job Title: Front-end Development Engineer


  • Be responsible for the front-end development of service platform for the internet financial products;
  • Complete high-quality web front-end development and maintenance according to product requirements, and cooperate with background developers to implement page and interface related functions;
  • Optimize the performance of specific products to achieve the ultimate web loading, execution and rendering time
  • Focus on front-end technology research through new technology service team and business;  
  • Be responsible for the standardization and modularity of Web front-end technology;


  • Be familiar with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript development, familiar with W3C standards and ES specifications.
  • Be proficient in vue (required conditions), master the principle, independently develop common components.
  • Proficiently use various debugging and capture tools to analyze, solve and summarize problems independently.
  • With long-term experience in using MV* framework, master the principles, and be able to read source codes.
  • With good teamwork spirit, be able to enhance the team with his own technical ability.



How To Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should forward their CV’s to: employment@sokoloan.com

Application Deadline 2nd October, 2018

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