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Jobemy Nigeria - October 24, 2018

Job Opportunities at Whispering Palms Resort – 9 Positions

WHISPERING PALMS RESORT seeks to fill the below roles


  • Open Jobs
    1. I.T Officer
    2. Waiter
    3. Purchasing Officer
    4. Store Keeper
    5. Banqueting Coordinator
    6. House Keeping Supervisor
    7. Cashier
    8. Sales Executive
    9. Sales Manager
  • Method of Application

I.T Officer

  • Job TypeFull Time
  • QualificationBA/BSc/HND
  • LocationLagos
  • Job FieldICT / Computer


  • Installing and configuring computer hardware operating systems and applications;
  • monitoring and maintaining computer systems and networks;
  • talking staff or clients through a series of actions, either face-to-face or over the telephone, to help set up systems or resolve issues;
  • troubleshooting system and network problems and diagnosing and solving hardware or software faults;
  • replacing parts as required;
  • providing support, including procedural documentation and relevant reports;
  • following diagrams and written instructions to repair a fault or set up a system;
  • supporting the roll-out of new applications;
  • setting up new users’ accounts and profiles and dealing with password issues;
  • responding within agreed time limits to call-outs;
  • working continuously on a task until completion (or referral to third parties, if appropriate);
  • prioritising and managing many open cases at one time;
  • rapidly establishing a good working relationship with customers and other professionals, such as software developers;
  • testing and evaluating new technology;
  • Conducting electrical safety checks on computer equipment.


  • BSC/ HND in computer networking and hardware, computer science; computer software development or related field
  • knowledge of installation and use of hotel software
  • computer networking and hardware;
  • internet engineering;
  • Software engineering.
  • research skills and the ability to draw information from various sources, including people;


  • Job TypeFull Time
  • QualificationSecondary School (SSCE)
  • Experience3 years
  • LocationLagos
  • Job FieldHospitality / Hotel / Restaurant


  •   To clean agreed designated areas, in accordance with laid-down procedures, morning/evening routines and hygiene requirements.
  • To change table linen as required and ensure dirty or damaged linen is counted and exchanged for clean, usable items.
  • To clean and refill cruet and condiment sets, order branded sauces and chutneys to ensure consistent supply.
  • To ensure that flowers and table decorations are fresh and comply with agreed standards.
  • To set tables to laid-down standards, ensuring that all items used are clean, undamaged and in a good state of repair.
  • To ensure sideboards on stations are adequately stocked with replacement cutlery, linen or other established needs, be they food or equipment.
  • To prepare salads, sandwiches, cheese boards and coffee to laid-down standards, when this is an agreed duty of the establishment.
  • To take orders from customers and ensure these are given to the appropriate person to execute.
  • To be totally familiar with the composition of all menu items.
  • To serve food and beverages in accordance with laid-down standards, but above all in a professional, courteous manner.
  • To clean tables and ensure they are cleaned as soon as it is apparent that customers have finished their food or drink with an acceptable balance between speed, yet allowing customers to finish their meal without feeling rushed.
  • To ensure that customers are correctly charged, present the bill and take payment from the customer, in accordance with the procedures of the establishment.
  • At all times to be aware of and practise good customer relations, assisting the guest in any way which does not adversely affect other customers.
  • To attend to customer complaints satisfactorily.
  • To report any suspicious packages or parcels to management without delay.
  • To take part in any fire or evacuation drills and ensure complete familiarisation with all exits, including those normally used by customers, as well as fire escapes.
  • To carry out on-the-job training to ensure subordinate staff can carry out their duties effectively.
  • To be continually aware of, and maintain, the highest standards of personal hygiene and dress.
  • To ensure that any subordinate staff adhere to, and maintain, the highest possible standards of personal hygiene and dress.
  • To attend meetings and training courses as required.
  • To take part in fire drills and evacuation drills at required intervals.


  • High school diploma or equivalent preferred.
  • Previous serving experience required.
  • Excellent oral communication skills required.
  • Positive interpersonal skills required.
  • Can handle local language and English.
  • At least three years’ experience in hospitality industry.

Purchasing Officer

  • Job TypeFull Time
  • QualificationOND   BA/BSc/HND
  • Experience3 years
  • LocationLagos
  • Job FieldProcurement / Store-keeping / Supply Chain


  • To be fully conversant with current market prices of all items required by Whispering Palms.
  • To select suppliers with great care by researching their background, establishing their credentials and their standing in the industry regarding their ability to match price and maintain deliveries.
  • To visit supplier’s premises so that the quality of their products can be verified, also gaining visual proof of their operating standards.
  • To listen carefully to the sales person to glean as much information as possible, particularly with regard to new products.
  • To negotiate the terms of the agreement fairly, bearing in mind the price, quality and continuity of supply.
  • To negotiate realistic discounts in terms of the above agreements.
  • To maintain good interpersonal relations with suppliers, thus gaining the best possible service from them to the extent where they do a lot of the work for you.
  • To ensure that dealings are made with a senior person in the organisation, i.e. one who has the ability to make decisions.
  • To ensure that the correct numbers of suppliers are appointed, in that, though streamlined, sufficient options are open, whilst keeping the number of authorised items in check.
  • To ascertain the value of new products through quality testing and field trials.
  • To maintain up-to-date records of all suppliers, their products and price lists.
  • To keep an index of all supplies handled, with appropriate comments.
  • To continuously review commodities and suppliers to ensure that the best possible agreements are in operation.
  • To investigate supplier problems, take the appropriate action and follow up to ensure no similar problems are experienced.
  • To investigate and action account queries promptly, when these are the result of price variances.
  • A minimum of three independent genuine quotations must be obtained.
  • Establish contracts to ensure reduced pricing for all operating areas of the hotel.
  • Receives market list from the Executive Chef on a daily basis and arranges for delivery of those items daily.
  • Ensures that all order receiving dates are updated by the buyers according to the suppliers promised delivery dates.
  • Ensures that all authorised or approved purchase orders are sent to their respective suppliers/vendors for delivery purposes on a daily basis.
  • Ensures & verifies that quotations are regularly updated and supplier’s new current price lists are maintained.
  • Ensure the efficient operation of the Purchasing Department in all aspects.
  • Research and identify new products and services for the hotel in market.
  • Obtains written approval for established Minimum / Maximum stock levels by the financial controller and general manager.
  • Checks, explains if needed and approves delivered items discrepancy report issued by cost control regarding price and quantity order variances.
  • Approves all addition requests for new storeroom items, checking correct item description, unit, packing, category and establishes Min/Max estimated stock levels.
  • Verify the ‘pending orders’ report on a daily basis, and all pending orders are checked and verified regularly.
  • On a daily basis prepare list of to be cancelled orders and sent to accounts for deletion, with appropriate reasons.
  • Responsible for physical control of all store items until issued, fully documented under strict control procedures (key control, timing schedule, authorised issue requests).
  • Responsible for maintaining logical storeroom inventory levels operationally needed.
  • Spot checks storeroom requests if properly maintained, verifies quantity requested and issued, proper items received by signatories & ID availability.
  • Spot-checks entered system quotations, period validity, quotes locked by, etc.
  • Ensures that the suppliers follow the rules relating to hygiene of goods delivered.

To review and update company buying policies and procedures.


  • HND/ OND/ Bachelor’s Degree in Business (logistics, accounting, finance)
  • Strong analytical and negotiation skills.
  • Knowledge of municipal budgeting and accounting principles and practices and required maintenance of records and files.
  •  Knowledge of computerized purchasing and inventory systems.
  • At least three years’ experience in hotel/ hospitality industry


Store Keeper

  • Job TypeFull Time
  • QualificationOND   BA/BSc/HND
  • Experience3 years
  • LocationLagos
  • Job FieldProcurement / Store-keeping / Supply Chain


  • To order goods and supplies to ensure that maximum/minimum stock levels are maintained.
  • To liaise with senior managers on the ordering of goods which fall outside the agreed financial parameters.
  • To order all items through approved suppliers only, obtaining permission for ordering any items which are only available through an alternate source.
  • To ensure that goods received are of the quality and quantity ordered and in accordance with the agreed price.
  • To ensure the timeous and correct completion of all administration in respect of deliveries.
  • To complete all documentation and take the necessary action in cases of non-delivery, substandard deliveries or over pricing.
  • To ensure that all items are stored correctly, in terms of temperature, humidity and shelf life and that no food items are stored on the floor.
  • To ensure correct stock rotation and that issues are effected on a first in, first out basis.
  • To ensure that all issues are made against requisitions and that no items leave the storeroom without the appropriate documentation or signature.
  • To ensure maximum security of all storeroom areas, that no unauthorised person enters the stores or is issued with a key allowing access.
  • To inform management and follow agreed procedures in the case of spoilage or damage of any item.
  • To attend meetings or training courses as required.
  • Investigates any unusual shortages and reports it to Hotel Inventory Manager.
  • Calculates and ensures that all order forecasts and projections are based on length of voyage and amount of guests carried for that respective voyage
  • To take stock at prescribed intervals and ensure that all necessary administration is completed without delay.
  • Executes weekly inventories of Hotel Consumable, Chemicals, Equipment and Uniform Stores


  • Degree/ diploma in Hotel Management or related field from an accredited college or university is preferred
  • Knowledge of Stores handling procedure with regards to public health standards.
  •  Basic understanding of inventory and cost control practices.
  • Experience on storeroom/ warehouse/ retail operations, is a plus.
  • Ability to communicate professionally with other departments and go-workers.
  •  Demonstrated aptitude for the management of a small close knit team within
  •  Knowledge of principles and processes for providing customer and personal service including needs assessment, problem resolution and achievements of quality service standards.
  • Ability to do hands on physical work.
  •  Flexible and able to work long hours under pressure and handle the stress.
  •  At least three years’ experience in hotel and hospitality industry


Banqueting Coordinator

  • Job TypeFull Time
  • QualificationOND   BA/BSc/HND
  • Experience3 years
  • LocationLagos
  • Job FieldHospitality / Hotel / Restaurant


  • To discuss the function with a client, ascertaining and noting his exact needs.
  • To show the client the various facilities available, advising and discussing the merits of the various options.
  • To advise and discuss the choice of menus.
  • To advise and discuss alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage requirements.
  • To advise and discuss table plans.
  • To ascertain what entertainment, if any, is required.
  • To ascertain what table appointments, e.g. flowers, are required.
  • To confirm the availability of the facilities required.
  • To monitor and control provisional and confirmed function bookings and ensure that no double bookings occur.
  • To confirm all details in writing to the guest.
  • To up-date status board and advise all departments once confirmation of the function is received, normally under the banqueting manager’s signature.
  • To assist the banqueting manager during the function.
  • To be constantly aware of new business opportunities and action these.
  • To be available to conference organisers at all times during a conference.
  • To ensure the cleanliness of all conference and function rooms.
  • To ensure that all necessary stationery requirements are in place.
  • To ensure that all the equipment requested is in position and in working order, particularly audio and sound systems.
  • To ensure that water jugs, glasses and refreshments are replenished at regular intervals.
  • To ensure that ashtrays are changed during each break.
  • To ensure that the requested refreshments are served timeously.


  •  OND/HND/BSC or diploma catering services and hotel management
  •  Performance management, supervisory: Demonstrate ability to relate to, communicate with and motivate employees to sustain high performance and quality levels.
  •  Knowledge of budgeting process: Demonstrate knowledge of and skill in creating and maintaining budget within the department’s allowed expenditures.
  •  Planning: Skilled in determining whether tasks should be attempted, identifying the most effective way to complete the task, and preparing to overcome expected difficulties.
  •  At least three years’ experience managing service staff in an upscale hotel atmosphere.


House Keeping Supervisor

  • Job TypeFull Time
  • QualificationOND   BA/BSc/HND
  • Experience3 years
  • LocationLagos
  • Job FieldJanitorial Services


  • To ensure that all bedrooms and public rooms are serviced and cleaned daily.
  • To ensure that all bedrooms are maintained according to the daily, weekly and monthly cleaning schedules.
  • To ensure that function rooms are cleaned as soon as they have been used to ensure a fast turnaround.
  • To ensure that VIP rooms and suites receive the designated extras.
  • To ensure an adequate supply of clean linen in a good state of repair.
  • To understand how everything works in the guest room – television, kettle, windows, etc.
  • To ensure that rooms and all equipment within are checked regularly for repairs and refurbishing, and that appropriate maintenance is effected.
  • To liaise with the General Manager and notify areas needing attention, in respect of decor.
  • To ensure that staff are coached and trained to perform their duties effectively.
  • To ensure that attendance registers are completed daily.
  • To ensure high level of customer service is maintained at all times.
  • To draw up duty rosters and ensure that manning levels are correct, to agreed standards, and are not exceeded without permission.
  • To ensure that adequate supplies of cleaning materials are available.
  • To ensure all rooms are inhabitable and clean prior to handover for guest occupation.
  • To ensure that staff accommodation is kept clean and in a good state of repair.
  • To ensure that regular fire and evacuation drills are held.
  • To ensure effective communications through attending meetings and imparting information at regularly held staff meetings with room attendants.
  • Establishes standards and procedures for work of housekeeping staff.
  • Advises manager, desk clerk, or admitting personnel of rooms ready for occupancy.
  • Records data regarding work assignments, personnel actions, and time cards, and prepares periodic reports.


  • Proficient in English (verbal & written) essential
  • OND/ HND/ diploma in hotel management or equivalent preferred
  • Minimum 1 year experience in a supervisory capacity in a hotel Housekeeping environment
  • Proven training skills
  • Experience with Hotel Property Management System, Micros-Fidelio desirable
  • Proactive with a meticulous eye for detail
  • Strong organizational, supervisory and communication skills
  • Able to convey information and ideas clearly
  • Ability to evaluate and select among alternative courses of action quickly and accurately
  • Work well in stressful, high-pressure situations
  • Effective at listening to, understanding, and clarifying the concerns and issues raised by co-workers and Guest
  • Must be able to perform assigned duties with attention to detail, speed, accuracy, follow-through, courtesy, cooperativeness and work well with limited supervision
  • At least three years’ experience in hotel and hospitality industry



  • Job TypeFull Time
  • QualificationOND   BA/BSc/HND
  • Experience3 years
  • LocationLagos
  • Job FieldFinance / Accounting / Audit


  • To accurately complete the daily, weekly and monthly returns, submitting these timeously on the prescribed format in accordance with company standards.
  • To reconcile and balance cash, floats and dockets ensuring that these tally with daily income and expenditure.
  • To notify management immediately of any variances in the above.
  • To inform management of any shortages, surpluses or irregularities in connection with the above item and ensure that queries are handled immediately.
  • To assist with stocktaking at prescribed intervals.
  • To extend and process stocktaking figures accurately and timeously.
  • To ensure that cash and relevant vouchers are securely and systematically kept.
  • To ensure that control systems are operating effectively within agreed parameters.
  • To ensure that all administration is handled efficiently, systematically and filed or sent to the appropriate department without delay.
  • To leave all desks and office in a clean and neat manner when going off-duty.
  • To ensure that all lockable areas are secure before leaving the premises.
  • To ensure that all documentation is kept securely against fire, theft and industrial espionage.
  • To carry out on-the-job training at prescribed intervals.
  • To attend meetings and training courses as required.
  • To take part in fire drills and evacuation drills at required intervals.


  • OND/HND/BSC in accounting, economics, mathematics or related discipline
  • Knowledge of the banking policies and procedures
  • Strong proficiency in mathematics and statistics
  • Ability to organize data and draft reports on daily, weekly and monthly basis
  • Strong communication skills that help to develop courteous conversation with the customers
  • Proficient in managing the rush of customers and helping each one of them promptly
  • At least three years’ experience in hotel and hospitality industry


Sales Executive

  • Job TypeFull Time
  • QualificationBA/BSc/HND
  • Experience3 years
  • LocationLagos
  • Job FieldSales / Marketing / Business Development


  • Make lists of potential clients and conduct surveys to identify guests actively seeking a hotel
  • Contact customers via calls or arranged meetings to discover their needs and requirements
  • Prepare and present sales proposal to potential clients, highlighting the best features and qualities of the hotel
  • Provide customers with a list of available services and their accompanying prices and offer discounts when necessary
  • Assist clients in selecting the most appropriate service that best meet their specifications and needs
  • Oversee the booking and reservation of space in a hotel to ensure availability and proper arrangement
  • Collaborate with other hotel staff to ensure clients have a good time
  • Monitor the customer service quality of the hotel to ensure customers are tended to appropriately
  • Conduct price negotiations with customers on behalf of the hotel management to reach a favourable bargain for both parties
  • Process and facilitate requests for customized services such as room redecoration, equipment, and switch
  • Coordinate and organize the details of an event such as catering, lodging, seating, and security
  • Resolve and quell misunderstandings within a hotel premises
  • Maintain contact with clients to obtain feedback and to discuss opportunities for future business deals
  • Set annual budgets and implement strategies effective for achieving set targets
  • Conduct assessment of sales performance to make necessary adjustments to increase patronage.


  • Bachelor’s degree in a business related discipline such as accounting, economics, and finance.
  • specialization in hospitality management marketing
  • strong communication skill
  • Ability to coordinate and supervise the activities of some hotel staff to ensure delivery of optimum services
  • Organizational Skills in organizing events and coordinating hotel operations to ensure guests needs are met.
  • At least three years’ experience in hotel and hospitality industry

Sales Manager

  • Job TypeFull Time
  • QualificationBA/BSc/HND
  • Experience5 years
  • LocationLagos
  • Job FieldSales / Marketing / Business Development


  • Maximize occupancy and average rate of hotel through creative and selective selling.
  • Maximize the use of the grounds and all other facilities through creative and selective selling.
  • Accurately report the month-end, year-to –date room night and revenue accounts to Corporate Executive members, for revenue increasing opportunities and possible action plans.
  • Report on trends in the industry and local markets.
  •  Accurately forecast all strong tentative and definite groups on an ongoing basis, paying particular attention to the forecasted average rate, comp units forecasted, and accurate room night forecast based on history.
  •  Oversee the design and development of all collateral utilised in the sales process.

 Qualification and solicitation of existing and new accounts through:

  • a) Personal visits
  • b) Telephone calls
  • c) Written correspondence
  • d) Participation in promotional events
  • e) Participation in industry and community events, as well as trade shows
  • f) Travel to industry events and sales calls
  •  Review meeting quotas, goals and forecasts for quality and quantity of room nights.
  • To ensure the prompt and efficient service of all meals, snacks, functions and beverages to the required standards.
  • To ensure that profit margins are maintained, agreed costs are not exceeded through effective control systems, including issuing against dockets, sales analysis, menu costings and cash checks.
  • To anticipate guests’ needs and respond promptly to guests’ requests.
  •  Review the daily activities, such as: occupancy rate, Catering/banqueting activity, Purchases, Meetings/conferences, VIPs/special guests.
  • To ensure that sales executives are well trained, correctly and smartly dressed and serve their customers in a professional and friendly manner.
  • To ensure that room service orders are executed promptly and that they comply with the required standards.
  • To ensure that room service staff are correctly and smartly dressed and serve their customers in a professional and friendly manner.
  • To act as Duty Manager as required.
  • To ensure maximum security in all areas under your control and that staff are fully aware of the importance of key security.
  • To ensure that staffing levels are correct and to agreed standards and are not exceeded without prior consultation.
  • To ensure that company and statutory hygiene standards are maintained in all areas.
  • To attend timeously to customer complaints.
  • To take the necessary steps in the event of theft, burglary or fire.
  • To ensure that reports and administration requirements are timeously submitted.
  • Maintain positive working relationships with the Federal and State Governments Visitor’s Bureau and other tour agencies operating in the country, as well as all lead sources.
  • To ensure that fair discipline is effected.
  • To ensure that fire and evacuation drills are held regularly.
  • To prepare and submit on the required format all information necessary for budgeting purposes, timeously and accurately.
  •  Contact and entertain clients – not only during their site visits, but also while groups are in-house, and through invitations to contacts within the Lagos area.
  • To hold regular staff meetings.
  • To be fully aware of trends in the industry and make suggestions for improvement of the operation.
  • To attend meetings as required.
  • To carry out or ensure that regular On-the-Job Training is taking place to agreed standards.


  • HND/ Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, Communications or related field
  • 5+ years’ B2B sales experience
  • 3+ years in leadership sales position
  • Track record of superior performance metrics
  • Excellent negotiation skills
  • Strong decision-making abilities
  • Able to travel up to two weeks per month
  • Familiarity with CRM software
  •  At least three years’ experience in hotel and hospitality industry

Method Of Application

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