Get Your Brand A Unique Look And Perception With This Unlimited Graphic Designs Promo

“A picture speaks a thousand words”. And rightfully so; communication is a vital part of any business.
If your audience or your potential client does not understand what business your company is doing it will fail to generate leads or drive growth.

We love SMEs and we love to see them grow.
One of the ways our team has decided to help businesses is to come up with this unique and exceptional offer….. UNLIMITED GRAPHIC DESIGN PROMO for your business for ($69) 25,000 naira only.
With 10,000 naira, you get THREE (3) graphic designs per week for one MONTH
YES! I’m serious.

The value of this promo cannot be quantified

With 25,000 naira ($69) you get unlimited graphic design solutions that will set your brand apart from competitors & give your business an identity with a powerful symbol, icon, image or logo.

It’s a PROMO … its UNLIMITED graphics … It’s for JUNE!


For more info: 09050888890 OR advert@jetheights.com

Social Media: Chat us up on Facebook and Instagram @jetheights

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