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Amaiden Energy Nigeria Limited (formerly Moody International Nigeria Limited) was established in 1996 as a partnership between Moody International Group and Nigerian investors. Since commencing operations in March 1997 the company continues to grow and exerts its presence in numerous Projects in the Nigeria Oil and Gas Industry.

Invoice Processing Accountant

  • Job Type Full Time
  • Qualification BA/BSc/HND
  • Experience 2 – 5 years
  • Location Nigeria
  • Job Field Finance / Accounting / Audit

Job Description

  • Contributes in processing an average of 37,000 invoices (local and foreign), with an average of about 151 billion Naira and USD 72 billion in value per annum
  • Responsible for non-staff claims,advance requests and other special payment requests.
  • Responsible for quality control check (Accounting clerk function) for all vendors assigned to DW
  • GLAnalysis (Ageing analysis)
  • Ensure the SOX compliance of all processed FI invoices,that it falls within the scope of those approved by Management to be accorded such
  • Posting of invoices in respect of invoice processing procedures for each Expense document: FI,MM,Custom duties and Tax liabilities(Royalties, Gas Flared and Capital Tax).
  • Control and validation of TEPNG and TEPNG DW expenditures of all elements registered within the accounting system(SAP)for all invoices and Credit Notes that will ensure the clarity of accounting treatment of the invoice to the external and internal auditors:
    • Amounts and Transaction Currency arithmetical controls
    • Commitments (purchase Order Job progress Certificate (JPC),etc
    • General and Analytical Coding
    • Payment Methods and Term of payment
    • V A T and withholding Tax(W. H. T) deductions
    • Approvals (electronical or manual), according to the delegation of authorities procedures
  • Investigation and follow-up of non-postable invoices overdue for payment,due to JPC, GR no created/properly created.
  • Control each invoice to be validated to ensure that no duplicated entry has been registered into the
  • Initiate,and coordinate all necessary actions to  be taken by other IMP/web cycle actors,Payment or General Accountants, Cost Controllers and if necessary Technical Departments for the regularization of all Expense Documents which could not be validated.
  • Intensive follow-up with Cost Controllers, Technicians,JPCC reators/Releasers of outstanding invoices in IMP
  • Respond to circularization letters received from external auditors
  • Investigate and respond to
  • Analyze open items in the GLs 401*and 42*to ensure
  • Other duties as maybe assigned from time to time by hierarchies.

Job Requirements

  • B.Sc in Accounting/business related degree.
  • 2 – 5 years Work experience in an audit/accounting firm will be an added advantage
  • Ability to use specialized accounting software and other Windows PC
  • Basic understanding of Oil and Gas Upstream operations.
  • Highly developed inter personal skills, since job entails interactions(internally and externally).

Technical Assistant

  • Job Type Full Time
  • Qualification BA/BSc/HND
  • Experience  10 years
  • Location Nigeria
  • Job Field Engineering / Technical

Job Description
Within the frame work of Operations, being a large deep sea oil & gas field,integrating sub sea wells,flow lines, risers, a FPSO, an off-loading buoy, export lines and their associates facilities, the main objectives of the position include:

  • The preparation of new Maintenance or Inspection Contracts,from the call for tender phase up to the
  • The technical administration of the Maintenance or Inspection Contracts in place,  including services and performance follow-up, coordination with Contractors, cost follow-up, coordination with Authorities, negotiation of yearly rates adjustments,
  • Issuance coordination, implementation follow-up, technico-administrative coordination until close-out of the Maintenance and Inspection Service orders (Contracts with value below 250KUSD
  • Reports to the Maintenance and Inspection Methods and Support manager
  • Prepares, in coordination with the Contract section and the concerned technical entities  (Maintenance or Inspection) the Maintenance and Inspection Contracts and other technical documents for Coordinates with the authorities and the Contract section for their technical and commercial evaluation, then develops the Contract documents until signature. Follows-up the preparation of the Services until commencement date.
  • Coordinates with the technical entities the follow-up of the contract including performance control, invoices checking, costs allocation, reporting,etc.
  • Prepares, negotiate as need be, and follows-up the yearly rates reviews, the issuance of Change orders; represents as required the M&I Methods and Support Manager in the (Monthly and specific) coordination meetings with contractor
  • Anticipates and prepares, in coordination with the Authorities, the Contract section, and technical authorities the contracts renewals through the approved call for tender process
  • Coordinates, at a lighter scale the same process for the Service Orders (light contracts of value below 250 KUSD).

This responsibility covers:

  • About 8 – 10 General Maintenance and Inspection Services Contracts
  • Up to 10 Frame agreements for various ad-hoc Maintenance and Inspection Services Contracts
  • Up to 58 Specific Maintenance or Inspection Contracts issued with single source
  • services providers (OEM-Original Equipment Manufacturers)
  • Up to about 100 short term Service Orders per year
  • Globally Contracts and Service Orders amounting around 30 MUSD per year

Job Requirements

  • Minimum level of B.Sc or equivalent
  • 10 years experience in technical contract management, and in commercial positions
  • Minimum 5 years in technico-commercial management position
  • Excellent command of written and spoken English, good communication skills
  • Ability for offshore visits, for work follow-up and coordination purpose.

Material Supervisor

  • Job Type Full Time
  • Qualification BA/BSc/HND
  • Experience 10 years
  • Location Nigeria
  • Job Field Engineering / Technical

Job Description

  • Ensures that all drilling and completion equipment sent to the rigs or contractors’ base from Onne base is shipped as per Total Lifting and Safety standards.
  • Maintains QAQC on all equipment before use or load-out.
  • Promotes Company’s HSE policies and international standards in relation to job performance


  • Follows up D&C stock in Onne In particular, ensures that the electronic stock corresponds to the physical stock. Check proper nomenclature wording and supervise removal of duplicate nomenclatures.
  • Performs physical movement
  • Ensures re -integration of equipment back to stock from the rig when it has been inspected by reprensentative
  • Maintains stock parameter within UNISP system
  • Follows up material or stock return from rig, inspection & repair, storage conditions and regularization in SAP


  • Is in charge of organizing the oil equipment to rage and handling with the agreement of the head of logistics, material officers and store-keepers for optimize efficiency and control for in/out movement
  • 4–UNISUP
  • Performs all entries in Unisup in relation to Offshore Marine Logistics Management
  • Follows up Material Management in close co-operation with stock buyers and ware house personnel
  • Raises simple Purchase Requisitions for stock materials and Non-compliance Report to purchasing team


  • Follows up preparation, testing and loading of drilling & completion equipment to be sent to the rig
  • Checks loading and off-loading of supply vessels on behalf of superintendents, engineers in coordination with logistic marine supervisor and Engineers.
  • Ensures that appropriate equipment is effectively shipped as per superintendents’ instructions, company’s HSE policies, cargo manifest and Proper packaging of material to rig site is essential

Job Requirements

  • Technician with 10 years experience of drilling and completion.
  • Good knowledge of oil-well equipment is required
  • Good ability to communicate and co-ordinate jobs involving different departments and companies.
  • Personnel may be required to go to the rig for supervision if need be.

Oil Spill Preparedness and Response Coordinator

  • Job Type Full Time
  • Qualification BA/BSc/HND
  • Experience 10 years
  • Location  Nigeria
  • Job Field Engineering / Technical

Job Description

  • Assist the various operational and support entities of DEEPWATER in developing, updating and implementing their Oil Spill Contingency Plans (OSCPs).
  • Develop and Implement Pollution Prevention and Control strategies for effective Oil/Chemical Pollution Control in TUCN
  • DWD in line with NOSDRA, NIMASA, DPR, with Group standards, guidelines, policies and procedures, taking into account personnel competence, equipment availability, readiness and plans accuracy.
  • Set up remediation programs including monitoring plant to cover affected sites or locations in case of pollution damages to achieve regulatory closure for affected sites.
  • Develop systems and strategies for effective CNA and Mutual Aid
  • Develop and implement strategies to improve Contractor and Control competence and Ensure their plans are correctly bridge with TUCN plans.
  • Build or Review various oil spill contingency plans and when necessary, organize revisions with involved
  • Ensure updating of reference documents, maintenance of oil spill equipment, products and materials, training of people, drills and exercises.
  • Review and document minimum volumes and  stock piles of dispersants  or  equipment available in storage ready for intervention.
  • Ensure homogeneity between Oil Spill Response Plans and others related Emergency Response plan in DWD and in emergency Response Plans, Blow Out Contingency Plans, Crisis Management Plans…) and correct bridging with related contractors plans when required
  • Coordinate, support and actively participate in Oil Spill Response within the frame of Emergency and/or Crisis Management Teams and Plans during drills, exercises or real incidence response operation
  • Deploy resources, personnel and equipment for effective Oil and Chemical Spill when necessary.
  • Develop and implement audit and verification programs to ensure effective monitoring and compliance with pollution control guidelines
  • Carryout regularaudits on theOil SpillResponse Preparedness of the District
  • Implement Oil Spill action plansoutcomefromTUCN Proceduresreviewand internal audits.
  • Develop and implement controls to ensure compliance with ISO14001 requirements in Pollution Prevention/Control.

Within the frame of HSE organization and Crisis and Emergency Management:

  • Preparing forthe effective and operational implementation of spills plans in case of activation in Deep water context.
  • Managing the interfaces with CNA for Tier 2 response support including shore
  • Managing the interfaces with authorities and  involved entities for Tier 3 and international response.
  • Managing and maintaining the adequacy and suitability of Oil/Chemical Spill Response equipment
  • Ensuring availability of competent Oil/Chemical Spill Response personnel in the Stimulate field personnel through awareness programs to know their roles and responsibilities in Pollution

Job Requirements

  • Recognized experience in Oil Spill Management in or with E&P companies or with Spill Control supporting entities like OSRL or similar
  • Knowledge of offshore oil & gas E&P operations
  • Graduate in engineering or applied sciences, with at least 10 years experience in environmental management activities for offshore and on shore engineering, construction and production of oil and gas facilities.
  • Fluent in English with excellent communication skills
  • Recognized Environmental Management qualification.
  • Experience in EMS implementation, Environment Studies, Operations, Reporting and Oil spill management
  • Sound knowledge in Environment and Safety matters, e.g. Legislations, codes of practice, Company specifications, etc
  • Knowledge or understanding of dealing with HSES, authorities and stake holders in Nigeria or similar context.

Method of Application

Use the link(s) below to apply on company website.

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