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RusselSmith Group, is an ISO 9001:2008 certified asset integrity management services company incorporated to serve the needs of the global oil and gas exploration and production industry, using rope access technology as our principal medium of access.

A career at RusselSmith offers you growth and a chance to make a difference. Throughout our history, we have continued to help our employees realize their dreams, whilst creating opportunities for them to fulfill their personal and professional potential.

Application Developer

  • Job TypeContract  Full Time
  • QualificationBA/BSc/HND
  • Experience2 – 5 years
  • LocationNigeria
  • Job FieldICT / Computer

Job Reference Code: RS-SMD-004
Job Type: Contract

Summary of Functions

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for designing, developing, delivering, and improving in-house software applications on a variety of platforms and systems.
  • Maintaining systems by monitoring and correcting software defects.
  • Working closely with other staff on the maintenance and performance of software systems and asking questions to obtain information, clarify details and implement information.
  • Finding and fixing faults in applications.
  • Solving application problems in a timely manner.
  • Ensuring proper version control and documentation of development activity.
  • Developing user guides and providing varying degrees of software support.
  • Making sure that applications can be run on existing and new hardware.
  • Creating applications tailored to business needs to run on platforms/hardware.
  • Delivering technical presentations/demonstrations of work.
  • Researching, identifying and recommending new applications that would improve company operations.
  • Applying proven analytical and problem-solving skills to help validate, verify, communicate, and resolve software application issues through
  • careful testing in order to maximize the benefit of RusselSmith’s IT investments and initiatives.
  • Reports – Generating the required weekly, monthly, quarterly, bi-annual and annual reports and presentations based on applications developed or improved on.
  • Monitoring and managing databases for optimal performance
  • Other duties as required by the Organization

Educational Qualifications/Requirements

  • A first degree in Information Technology, Computer Engineering, Computer Science or any related field.
  • Also should be good in Javascript, PHP, and services such as Microsoft SharePoint to develop the necessary specifications for software.

Experience Required:

  • 2-5years

Skills/Qualifications Required:

  • Skills
  • Analytical Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Creativity Skills
  • Customer-Service
  • Attention to Detail
  • Problem-Solving Skills
  • Teamwork
  • Technical Skills
  • Resilience

Physical Demands:

  • Occasional travel by airplane and automobile in conducting business is necessary. Regular use of the telephone and e-mail for communication is essential. Sitting for extended periods is common.
  • Hearing and vision within normal ranges is essential for normal conversations, to receive ordinary information and to prepare or inspect documents.
  • No heavy lifting is expected. Exertion of up to 10 lbs. of force occasionally may be required.
  • Good manual dexterity for the use of common office equipment such as computers, calculator, copiers, and FAX machines.
  • Responsibilities may require evening and weekend work in response to needs of the systems being supported.

Work Environment:

  • The job is performed indoors in a traditional office setting.
  • Activities include extended periods of sitting and extensive work at a computer monitor.

Flange Management Technician

  • Job TypeFull Time
  • QualificationBA/BSc/HND
  • Experience2 years max
  • LocationNigeria
  • Job FieldEngineering / Technical

Summary of Functions
The Technician / Engineer should be capable of:

  • Health and safety precautions
  • The health and safety precautions at the work site
  • Safety precautions when handling and removing compressed Asbestos fibre (CAF) gaskets
  • Hot bolting and live plant procedures and risk assessment
  • Pressure, temperature and hostile environmental factors (such as corrosion and vibration) on the degradation of the bolted assembly
  • Factors which result in bolt load variation
  • Applied and residual load
  • The effect of different lubricants on friction losses
  • The relative accuracy of different methods of tightening
  • The technique for application of tensioned bole loading
  • Joint assembly methods and tightening procedures
  • The need to check gaskets, nuts and stud bolts against specification
  • The requirement to tag and complete records for assembled joints

The need to:

  • Check the compatibility of selected Torque tools and equipment capacity prior to use
  • Top up oil levels in hydraulic pumps
  • Clean and protect tools and equipment from corrosion
  • The principles of joint component sealing action
  • The principles of bolt elongation and tensile stress
  • The function of gasket or seal types
  • The importance of correct bolt loading
  • The effect on bolt load and seal compression using different methods of tightening
  • The importance of using correct lubricant
  • The importance of correct selection of joint components to comply with the design specification
  • The correct sequence and number of tightening passes required for toque and tensioned bolts
  • The principles and techniques used for direct bolt length measurement
  • The need for and using reporting procedures when defects or faults in bolt tightening equipment or its assembly are identified
  • The principles of preparing bolted joint connections for assembly
  • The need for seal face cleanliness and for nuts to be free running
  • The effect of joint alignment and gap uniformity on residual bolt loading
  • The importance of gasket storage, handling, preparation and installation
  • Good installation practice for bolting, washers and nut orientation for tightening method and equipment to be used
  • The need to report variance from design specifications and tightening procedures
  • The principles and requirement for the safe selection, calibration, installation and use of hydraulic torque and bolt tensioning equipment
  • Principles of carrying out bolt de-tensioning and joint breakout safely and correctly
  • The important of attending product specific training and following manufacturer’s procedures for proprietary joint types.
  • Why mixing components from different equipment manufacturer is prohibited
  • The principles of inspection after tightening and the procedure and the techniques to be used such as “break loose” tests (Check passes) and bolt tightness Tap-test
  • The requirements for the storage, preparation, maintenance and calibration of torque tools and bolt tensioning equipment for its safe use.

Ability to:

  • Recognize and rectify the faults with torque or tensioning equipment
  • Interpret joint or flange manufacturer identifying marks
  • Identify defects, distortion and surface irregularities on flange sealing faces and threads

Demonstrate ability in:

  • Preparation of all joint components
  • Correct selection and assembly joint components
  • Diagnosis and rectification of problems with hydraulic equipment
  • Selection and correct installation of hydraulic torque or tensioning equipment
  • Correct application of various tightening techniques
  • Carrying out specified tightening sequence and subsequent tightening passes to ensure axial alignment and squareness of the joint assembly
  • Carrying out joint breakout safely and correctly
  • Carrying bolt ‘break loose’ tests (check passes) to check integrity of assembled tensioned assembly
  • Completion of a joint record sheet
  • Integrity and inspection checks of completed joint assembly
  • Maintaining a personnel portfolio of joint assembly

Educational Qualifications
Experience Required:

  • 0-2 years.

Method of Application

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