How to Apply for Jobs and why you should Pay attention to your CV

 The kind of jobs to apply for

As a fresh graduate of Theatre Arts, does it make any sense to apply for the position of Head, Internal Audit at Zenith Bank where the minimum years of experience has been set at 7 years or more for applicants? The answer is no and the reasons are glaring. It is a job outside your league. Rather, when applying for jobs, apply for jobs that you know you stand a chance of at least getting invited for an interview.

You can’t keep applying for jobs that you have no qualifications for and be surprised that you do not have a job. For instance, if you are a graduate of Mass Communication from a Nigerian university, we expect that one of the first categories on a job portal that you would apply for jobs would be:

Pay attention to your CV

Your CV is not a joke when searching for a job – A CV is to a job seeker what an arrow is to an archer. Without a good CV, your chances of landing a good job will travel south except of course you’re waiting for a miracle or a favour from a rich uncle.

Treat your CV with respect and love; build it like a home; ensure the foundation is solid. Make it compact. Let it be a perfect representative of your work experience, skills and achievements at all times.

Your CV should not look a novel (with too many pages) regardless of how many years of experience you have or the number of organisations you have worked with. Consider this tips you should follow while writing a CV

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