National Bureau of Statistics Nigeria Recruitment (12 positions) Still On

Job Category: Statistician Cadre
Positions: Statistician Grade II, Statistician Grade I, Senior Statistician

Job Category: Administrative Officer Cadre
Positions: Administrative Officer Grade II, Administrative Officer Grade I, Senior Administrative Officer

Job Category: Accountant Cadre
Positions: Accountant Grade II, Accountant Grade I, Senior Accountant

Job Category: Programme Analyst Cadre
Positions: Programme Analyst Grade II, Senior Programme Analyst

Job Category: Legal Officer Cadre
Positions: Legal Officer Grade I

Job Category: Lecturer Cadre
Positions: Assistant Lecturer (Statistics), Assistant Lecturer (English), Assistant Lecturer (Geography), Assistant Lecturer (Business Studies), Assistant Lecturer (Mathematics), Assistant Lecturer (Computer Science)

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Job Category: Librarian Cadre
Positions: Librarian Grade II

Job Category: Statistician Extension Officer Cadre
Positions: Statistician Extension Officer

Job Category: Executive Officer (General Duties) Cadre
Positions: Executive Officer (General Duties)

Job Category: Data Processing Officer Cadre
Positions: Assistant Data Processing Officer

Job Category: Library Officer Cadre
Positions: Assistant Library Officer, Library Officer

Job Category: Confidential Secretary Cadre
Positions: Confidential Secretary Grade III, Confidential Secretary Grade II, Confidential Secretary Grade I

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8 thoughts on “National Bureau of Statistics Nigeria Recruitment (12 positions) Still On

  1. flytino on Reply

    they are FOOLS, God will judge them, they are adding salt to our injuries…. one day we will make it… BUREAU OF STATS MY ASS…. Bunch of IDIOTS…. Your children will one day suffer out temporarily fate….. AMEN!

  2. yilwok lokrit deyin on Reply

    national bureau of statistic i have tried my best 2 c dat i apply d job bt u pple are nt openg d side

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