On Starting Your Own Business

1. I think the biggest thing to keep in mind is that a lot of people have a lot of ideas that they’d like to turn into businesses—but if your ideas don’t turn into actual money, then you’re not able to turn it into a business. You have to be able to generate revenue first and foremost. A lot of people have conceptual ideas and conceptual dreams, and you just have to be able to distinguish between what is a hobby and what is a passion and what you can actually turn into a business . Emily Cavalier, Founder of Midnight Brunch

2. No matter what you do, you’ll make it through. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. The thing they don’t tell you is that it nearly kills you. Tyler Arnold , Founder of SimplySocial Inc.

3. Early on in my career, I was determined to be independent and create my own success, and I thought this meant learning everything on my own. The reality is, you can’t always be an expert at everything, so surround yourself with brilliant, creative people and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Humility is key to success, especially in your early years. Ivanka Trump

4. I wish I knew that working smarter, not harder, is essential to surviving as an entrepreneur. You can get by working hard in the corporate world, but you won’t last long in small business ownership without working smart. Andrew Schrage , Partner and Editor-in-Chief of Money Crashers Personal Finance

5. Don’t let fear be the reason you don’t launch your new business. When have you ever felt fully ready to do anything this important in your life? All you can do is prepare as much as humanly possible, know that you’ve done all you can for your baby to shine, and send it out into the world. Megan Broussar d , Founder of ProfessionGal

6. Remember all those stories you’ve heard of how the most successful entrepreneurs in the world made it to where they are now? Well, most of them started with different jobs or interests and amounts of money in the bank. The one thing they had in common is an unyielding commitment to doing whatever it was that needed to be done in order to make their dream a reality. Danielle Mund , Life Coach

7. If you’re serious about building a great, enduring company, you have to be willing to sacrifice some things. A vacation in the first year is likely going to be one of those things, so take one before you start! Ronnie Castro , Founder ofPorch

8. If you are like me and follow many relevant business people, you often see tweets like “5 things to avoid when starting your business” or similar posts. You may even read them. But here’s the thing: None of that matters. Every journey is different. No two things work exactly the same. You will make mistakes. Embrace the fact that you made the mistake, learn from it, move on, and never repeat it. John Jackovin , Founder of Bawte

9. Be confident, don’t doubt yourself, and go for it. If you are sure there is an opportunity, you need to believe wholeheartedly in it—your team won’t be driven to succeed unless you are. Kellee Khalil , Founder of Loverly

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