Your Job Interview Is A Sales Appointment

Those that are best at selling themselves will get the sale, in this case the job.
Some people say, well I’m not a salesperson and I don’t want to be one.

If you want to be successful in a job interview, you do need to learn the basics of selling yourself. This is one of the most important pieces of job interview advice for success in interviews.

So what makes a good salesperson!

Firstly, they understand that the basis of any successful sale is understanding the customers needs [in this case, the employers needs].
To get the sale they must understand what the needs or problems of the employer are, and how they can help solve those problems.
In other words, in what way can I improve the profitability of this organization, make it more efficient, or in other ways improve some aspect of the organization.

From an employer’s perspective, if you are unable to do any of these things, why should they be employing you?

I’m not saying this to make life difficult for you, simply to help you understand the mindset of the employer.
If you can get inside the mind of your employer and understand exactly what they hope to achieve by taking on another employee, then you will be miles ahead of the other job applicants who will be walking in the door after you.

They are in business, and perhaps this appointment will cost them $50,000 per annum.
Like any other expenditure, they have to be able to justify it to themselves and perhaps to a board of directors.

They will be asking the question, will this money be well spent?
Your job is to convince them that not only will it be money well spent, but it will be a fantastic investment.

Secondly, good salespeople know their product or service well [you are the product]. How well do you know yourself in regards to your own natural inborn job skills and can you match these with the needs of the employer.

If you honestly want to achieve fulfillment and satisfaction in your career, you will need to know your inborn job skills very well.
And you’ll need to know how these fit with the needs of the employer.
This is one of those job interview tips that is central to successfully gaining a job.

There is no other way to achieve career fulfillment other than using the skills that you are most gifted in and passionate about.

Thirdly, good salespeople are good communicators.
Before they enter the interview, they know what the key needs of the employer are, and they communicate these solutions in a proactive manner and in response to job interview questions asked by the employer.

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