How to get the job of your dreams

Found the perfect job for you? Take these steps to increase your chances of getting the offer.

You’re starting your job search, and you’re well on your way. (If you don’t already have your resume perfected and job listings coming into your inbox, back up and read Part 1 and Part 2 in this three-part series on finding a new job fast.)

Hopefully, you’ve already found a few job listings that have got you excited. Now, the time has come to actually apply to those jobs and—hopefully!—get one of them.

career expert Vicki Salemi, who spent more than 15 years in corporate recruiting, says when you see a job you’re interested in, it’s best to take action right away. “Do not wait to apply to a job when you see a viable opportunity,” she says. “As soon as recruiters push job openings live, they’re very conscientious about reviewing incoming resumes.” Applying within the first 48 hours is critical to getting your application seen, she adds.

Get to know the company

OK, so you’ve seen a job you’re interested in applying for; now what? You need to get a little more information on the company. Salemi says the last thing you want to do is blindly apply to jobs without doing your homework first: “You need to know what’s going on in the company. Are they expanding? Downsizing? Getting acquired? Where do they stand within the industry relative to their peers?”

First, do a quick Google News search on the company name to see how and if the business is making headlines.

The profiles and reviews (posted by current and former employees) give you some insider information that can help make you a better candidate. You can find out what the culture is like and what the company is prioritizing right now. This is information you may be able to use in your cover letter and definitely in your interview to show your enthusiasm for the job and the seriousness of your candidacy.


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