10 Hypnotic-Like Sentences That Sell Like Crazy

Tell your readers what they are probably thinking,
feeling or doing as they read your ad copy. This
strategy will usually trigger their own subconscious
mind to bring out these feelings or actions.

You can add these sentences into any ad copy. You
may have to change one or two words so it relates
more to the product or service you’re selling.

1. As you keep reading this ad copy, you are feeling
more and more compelled to experience all the
benefits of our product.

2. The more you understand just how valuable our
product could be to your life, the less you think
about delaying this important purchase.

3. After you read this short ad you will feel like your
problems are almost completely solved, all you will
have to do is order.

4. As you’re skimming through this, you’re beginning
to think you have nothing to lose and everything to
gain by trying out our product.

5. As you’re scanning over this ad copy, you are
beginning to imagine using our product and enjoying
all the benefits it brings.

6. The more you keep reading our ad the more you
feel it would be a waste to let this o.pportunity slip

7. The more you review our ad the more you begin
to find yourself getting very excited about our
product and starting to feel the urge to b.uy now.

8. You don’t know it yet but, at the conclusion of
this ad, you will feel driven to order and experience
all the benefits of our product.

9. You don’t realize it yet but, in a few short minutes
you’ll realize that you can’t put off this vital purchase
and then you’ll be yanking out your c.redit card.

10. As every word you read travels from this ad to
your brain, you start to understand just how much
our product could benefit your life.

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