GLO (Globacom) Nigeria Accepting CV’s

 GLO (Globacom) Nigeria Accepting CV’s

Would you want to work for one of Africa’s biggest leading telecom service providers? You can find out what job vacancies available or submit your CV to [email protected]


9 thoughts on “GLO (Globacom) Nigeria Accepting CV’s

  1. Miriam on Reply

    All attempt to send my cv was to no avail, please could you kindly make this site available and more accessible if this job is real.Thanks mimi.

  2. Isah Tokula Haruna on Reply

    good day Sir/Ma,
    Please how would i submit my personal Data or what is the method of application?

  3. ugonna on Reply

    is not easy wit dis.have being sending my CV yet is still coming to my in box is failed please ii will be glad if this can be easy fr the young graduate .thanks

  4. aina olalekan ebenezer on Reply

    thanks for this information. please let it b free & fear. please kindly consider people with better QUALIFICATION, million Unemployed Graduates are outside without godfather. please assist us (youths). thanks for cooperation GOD BLESS.

  5. pascal on Reply

    its unfortunate that our employers still need our grandfathers than fresh hands.
    10 yrs experience?

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