General Guidelines for Posting Jobs on Jobemy

  1. Post only real jobs and positions; multiple job descriptions or job titles must be created as separate job postings.
  2. All information contained in postings must be clear and accurate, not misleading in any way, and contain sufficient details. Postings which require the user to “email for more details” are not supported.
  3. Use only professional language in your postings and do not post jobs that contain inappropriate or offensive language or material.
  4. Identify yourself as an agency in your ad, if you’re one.
  5. Do not post jobs for any competitor of or provide links to any other jobs website.
  6. Do not post training courses and fairs. They are not jobs, we have a separate platform for that.
  7. Do not send unsolicited commercial emails, unsolicited SMSes, or make unsolicited phone calls regarding promotions or advertising of products or services to a user of
  8. Do not post any jobs that require upfront or periodic payment, promote work-at-home or home-based vacancies, or promote any get-rich-quick schemes. (Note: Required costs for things such as documents, training, or union dues that are a condition of employment must be clearly stated on the job listing.)