Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON) Jobs (Massive)

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Our Promise: Asset Management Company of Nigeria

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OUR CLIENT, ASSET MANAGEMENT CORPORATION OF NIGERIA (AMCON), established as a resolution vehicle/ stabilizing and revitalizing tool in the Nigeria economy is seeking to recruit qualified professionals as team heads and team members to fill the following positions.

There are thirty-six (36) available vacancies.

METHOD OF APPLICATION: Asset Management Company of Nigeria
All qualified and interested candidates should apply at
Helpdesk Line: 0819 186 2816
P.O.Box 72462, Victoria Island, Lagos

Application closes on Wednesday 27th April, 2011

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Asset Management Company of Nigeria

7 thoughts on “Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON) Jobs (Massive)

  1. Dele Ibiyinka on Reply

    I want to submit that what is called Asset Management Company of Nigeria is concern with the Financial or cost Management side of the business. That is not going to achieve or deliver a sustainable result. Most Asset non performance financially is inevitable because of the way the associated physical assets are mismanaged. You can see evidence of this everywhere you go in Nigeria. The Physical asset are mismanaged because there is no rigorous or standardized Physical Asset Management program or framework that is in Phase with globally recognized Institute of Asset management or BSI PAS 55: 2008 standard.
    Check to see what the concept is all about:
    As long as we continue to have this distorted and unilateral view of Asset from financial perspective only, without due consideration of the critical underlying factors, then we will never get to root of our problem.
    It is important that the whole things boil down to fiancé, but you cannot achieve result using this upside down philosophy.
    AMCON must begin to take into serious consideration development and establishment of a whole Framework guiding the management of Physical Asset in Nigeria as done in developed nations if we are to get anywhere.
    Nigeria like to politicize everything including knowledge and technology and I challenge AMCON to get out of the shell and begin to see Asset Management as a totality covering wide range of issues such as Asset management Policy, Objectives, Strategy, Sourcing, Risk, Plans, Performance, Operations and Maintenance, Information, Life cycle fiancé, disposal and Recovery models among other things as an integral part of Asset management. The technical side of the story is as important as the financial perspective.
    It is unfortunate our nation has not consider it critical to establish and empower a body to overlook the way our physical asset are manage and ensure a consistent, sustainable and systematic approach are deploy to the management of asset to ensure and optimal performance and delivery on value
    This my opinion based on my knowledge of what Asset Management is all about internationally.
    Dele Ibiyinka,
    Head of Operations and Asset Management
    AES Nigeria Barges Ltd, Lagos

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