APM Terminals Careers: Finance Manager, Internal Control and Procurement Manager

Expires: 4/12/2012 Ref: 62714

Internal Control and Procurement Manager (Lilypond Container Depot) – APMTerminals, Apapa, Nigeria
Responsible for purchasing of all inventory, supplies and capital goods for the company including negotiating price, delivery and credit terms. Evaluates vendors and determines most cost-effective inventory and reorder levels. To ensure that adequate controls are in place by achieving transparency in procurement policies. A key role is to advise senior management on effective strategies for purchasing materials and supplies and procurement procedures and reporting systems.

(IPE Factors: Impact & Innovation)
Ø Responsible for efficient purchasing of inventory, supplies and capital equipment for the company. Receives purchase requisitions and verifies for accuracy and authorization(s).
Ø Responsible for tender’s procedures, receiving bids, coordinates for committees; evaluating, assessing and selecting bidders based on capabilities and written criteria.
Ø Establishes and executes procedures for procurement policy in conjunction with CFO.
Ø Prepares and issues purchase orders; determines and negotiates prices, delivery and credit terms; buys according to established company policies and procedures; maintains accurate purchasing records.
Ø Responsible for evaluating, assessing and selecting vendors based on capabilities, performance and consistent quality assurance. Maintains rapport and good working relationships with vendors; keeps accurate vendor records.
Ø Evaluates inventory reorder levels and quantity price breaks to determine most economical purchasing of inventory and supplies in relationship to company’s cost of capital. Prepares monthly reports and reviews forecast of purchasing commitments with Vice President of Finance.
Ø Expedites purchase orders as necessary and ensures delivery of purchased items for uninterrupted manufacturing flow.
Ø Performs other purchasing or inventory control duties as necessary or as requested.
Ø Prepare contracts in collaboration with MIS department and Company’s legal counsel.
Ø Administrate, coordinate and cooperatively work with other departments, to resolve all issues relevant to the suppliers and vendors.
Ø Analyze and strive to maintain up-to-date knowledge of market trends, pricing, availability, and capacity, technology and supplier capability relative to the product or parts assigned.
Ø Assist subordinates in actively resisting any supplier request for price increase requiring the supplier to provide adequate documentation and justification to support such requests.
Ø Ensures that a proper inventory control system is in place to carefully monitor stock positions, reorder levels & obsolescence of stock
Ø Manages storekeeping functions from both a central & technical department perspective
Ø Supervises the daily requisitions from end user and checks the status of item requested.
Ø Keep stock on hand in order to minimize purchases.
Ø Ensures that adequate stocks of key components are maintained in the stores to ensure there is no downtime in operational activity due to lack of stock/spares
Ø The position is primarily expected to deliver by following specific company policies in the management of procurement activities while setting objectives for subordinated positions. The position is expected to deliver results in a timely manner as non delivery has a direct impact on the terminals ability to function
Ø The position is expected to constantly strive to improve inventory management methods & obtain best possible delivery prices from vendors
The position has a direct impact on primarily the operational & financial aspects of the terminal & is therefore complex in nature.
(IPE Factor: Knowledge)
Ø Requires a college degree in business management, accounting, or related discipline. Some formal instruction in engineering or an engineering-related discipline helpful.
Ø Requires at least five to seven years of purchasing experience in private industry, preferably in shipping or transportation industry. In addition, must have at least three years of managerial experience, directing a purchasing staff of similar size and scope.
Ø Must have extensive knowledge of procurement practices and principles.
Ø Must have extensive knowledge of customs laws, rules, regulations, and procedures.
Ø Must have a working knowledge of managerial and leadership principles, with the ability to influence other management team members and lead a department of technically proficient individuals.
Ø Must have some working knowledge of engineering terms, drawings, and engineering specifications.
Ø Must have thorough understanding of software applications for purchasing.
Ø Must have strong experience in managing & using inventory control systems
Ø Must have demonstrated negotiation skills.
Ø Must be able to exercise sound business judgment in order to set direction and establish priorities.
Ø Requires verbal and written communications skills in English at the advanced level.
Ø Requires excellent analytical skills, including the ability to extract, compile and analyze data.
Ø Must be able to understand basic finance & accounting principles in order to control budgets & costs
Ø Cost/Price analysis skills
Ø Knowledge of contract laws, and conditions.
Very high ethical standards

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Posted: 3/19/2012 Expires: 4/12/2012 Ref: 62713
Cluster Finance Manager – APM Terminals, Lagos, Nigeria
Ø Fully responsible for ensuring that the financial activities at the terminal are aligned with the overall strategy of APMT and that these yield the best possiblefinancial returns.
Ø Oversees development of local policies, procedures and strategic objectives for the Finance function.
Key member of the terminal management team and has a direct influence on the further growth and development of the facility. Provides input for effective strategies for financing of the terminal within operating opportunities and constraints.

(IPE Factors: Impact & Innovation)
Ø The incumbent is expected to provide measurable input to the terminals business strategy within the limits of the role.
Ø The position will be responsible for setting and achieving the financial objectives, within the strategy and business plans of the terminal.
Ø The position is required to continuously analyze complex issues and work towards enhancements on existing practices & procedures and find means to better cost management for the terminal.
Ø The position has a direct impact on operational and financial dimensions of the terminal.
Ø Develops and executes the financial strategy of the company, ensuring that the company at all times is profitable, risk protected and financially strong.
Ø Establishs and enforces procedures to improve working routines, provide high quality and valuable information and analyses to aid decision making, achieve efficiencies in terms of costs and ensure that all subjects relating to the financials of the terminal are dealt with in the most efficient manner.
Ø Leads and co-ordinates the risk management strategy of the Terminal and makes recommendations to the CEO/MD and management team in the risk assessment and management process.
Ø Leads the procurement function within the terminal & ensures that effective cost management is achieved within the function.
Ø Ensures that policies and guidelines are followed in accordance with the company’s strategy and policies established by the Board of Directors.
Ø Financial supervision of projects including but not limited to investment contracts.
Ø Ensures that matters within scope of responsibility comply with local Law, Local Regulations and APMT’s Strategy and Culture.
Ø Ensures and establishs of proper internal controls and manage financial issues relating to shareholders and BOD.
Ø Manages key suppliers to ensure that cost effective solutions are provided for the terminal.
Ø Ensures that a proper inventory management system is in place.
Ø Takes part and contributes in some of the Strategic Initiative project teams.
Manages, motivates, coachs and instructs departmental staff and fosters interdepartamental communication and co-operation.
(IPE Factor: Knowledge)
Ø The position requires a professional standard of knowledge to lead teams through functional/general expertise in the finance and associated functions.
Ø Completed post-graduate studies in Accountancy or Finance management or related business studies.
Ø Minimum 10 years in finance roles including management experience.
Ø Extensive knowledge of setting of budgets, reporting, inventory control systems and accounting.
Ø Understanding of Terminal Operations.
Ø Understanding of the container shipping industry and an ability to relate with shipping company and other associated industry managers.
Ø Strategic mindset, ability to drive strategic initiatives.
Ø Able to provide vision and empowers others to take action by effectively delegating.
Ability to provide leadership, obtain cooperation and assistance to meet objectives, and promote a team environment.

Ø Knowledge of French is an added advantage

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ONLY applications through the job portal will be considered
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