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Oando PLC is one of Africa’s largest integrated energy solutions providers with a proud heritage. It has a primary listing

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10 High Paying Jobs That Are Dangerous Enough To Kill You

Everyone wants to find a job that they love to do. That way, they will “never have to work a day in their life.” Some people want to help people for a living, while others might find their calling in the stars. But what if your dream job is dangerous enough to get you killed?

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Fancy Working On An Oil Rig?

If you work offshore in the oil or gas industry, commuting to work in a helicopter is exactly what you could be doing. Facing skills shortages, especially highly skilled workers and engineers, oil and gas could be a great industry to target and use your transferable skills if your current sector is facing cuts. Oil

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How to Market Yourself Effectively

When it comes to talking about oneself many of us Brits are often taught from an early age to limit it to a few sentences, and not to brag.  So when it comes to interviews it is understandable that for those who consider themselves polite, trying to persuade a stranger that they are ‘the best’

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