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    Ongoing Graduate Recruitment At Nestle Nigeria Plc – (Updated, April 29)

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    Nestlé S.A. is a Swiss multinational food and beverage company headquartered in Vevey, Switzerland. It is the largest food company

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    9 Ways To Make The Wrong Impression On Your First Day

    It can be easy to make the wrong impression on your first day at work. We humans are judgmental beings, and we judge fast. How fast? When it comes to hiring: Recruiters spend six seconds per resume before deciding whether an applicant is a good fit. Interviewers “know” within 10 seconds whether a candidate is right for the job.

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    5 Ways To Recover From A Bad Job Interview

    Did you ever leave a job interview feeling like it didn’t go so well? Self-doubt can creep in as soon as you walk out the door. Little things nag at you like your posture, tone, and answers you gave. You can turn these negative experiences into positive ones and become better at interviews. Learn what

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    How To Nail The 2nd Interview – Part 2

    In the ideal scenario, when you are pleased with how the first interview went, you have some excellent opportunities to review and provide more detailed information. But what if you get called back for a second interview after an interview that you don’t think went very well – or with a poor interviewer. Then what? Some

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